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Saif's Projects

Karma "The interactive movie"

"Karma stands as the pioneering Arabic interactive movie, offering a unique Netflix experience where viewers actively shape the course of the narrative through a series of choices. This groundbreaking film has garnered numerous national and international awards, solidifying its status as a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience."

Directed By   : Saif Ben Ammar

Produced By : Hor Cujet

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Hor Cujet Karma Movie

Qatar Wcup 2022 Mega campaign

an extraordinary journey with renowned content creators from across the globe as they passionately champion the Qatar World Cup 2022. This elite group including "Hor cujet" Team will skillfully craft and deliver diverse and captivating content across multiple platforms, showcasing the epic voyage through Qatar's meticulous preparations and state-of-the-art stadiums. 

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Hor Cujet in Qatar

Hor cujet Channel

"Hor CuJet, originally a pioneering YouTube show, stands as one of the earliest and most-watched programs on Tunisian YouTube, boasting hundreds of videos and amassing over half a million followers. This dynamic platform encapsulates a diverse range of content concepts, including podcasts, short films, vlogs, brand collaborations, and compelling mini-series. With its innovative approach, Hor CuJet continues to captivate audiences with its rich blend of entertainment, making it a leading force in the Tunisian digital landscape."

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